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So what’s new? Well, for instance, I will not only be posting electronic music on the blog. I came to realize I like other kinds of music too.

Another thing that’s new is that I’m no longer a virgin. I’m pretty sure you didn’t see that one cuming IYF…

Adam Rickfors about his music

The last years a lot of great producers within the genre house has sprung from my home country Sweden. This young producer I am about to tell you about comes from Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, and is at the young age of 22 very talented at what he does. Adam Rickfors has been making his own music since around the year 2005 but his interest for electronic music can be traced back from when he was just a little kid. ”I have always been listening to electronic music”, he says, ”but I guess it was Prodigy that really introduced me to it”. Adam tells me he always wanted to work with music in some way and after trying to produce his own stuff back in 2005 he knew that this was his thing to do.

Listening to some of his hardcore tunes makes me think of Deadmau5 (and anything that makes me think of Dadmau5 sounds like heaven in my ears), but just as well a touch of Joachim Garraud is noticeable, which isn’t that strange, he tells me that Garraud is one of his favourite producers.

At the moment Adam Rickfors is working on some remixes for a few artists, producing a track for the Swedish group West End Girls and and in between he is trying make time to work with his own music.

Adam might come to Göteborg this spring. Until then check out his myspace for regular musical updates. Be sure to look out for this upcoming star!

Adam Rickfors – Fuck me

Suck Shaft – Michal (Adam Rickfors Remix)

Also check out the tracks on his myspace. Great stuff!



Written by Olle

januari 19, 2009 den 1:09 f m


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