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Since I haven’t been updating my music library after the incident with the other blog some releases have just gone unoticed. Audible is a young and great producer and this is one of his latest tracks. Check out White Mouse. 

Audible – White Mouse

I stole this info over at Electrostation, one of my favourite house blogs.

”Here’s some feedback this release has received:

Sied Van Riel: White mouse is very cool! ”Moments” was an awesome track which I still play and this is something totally different… I like! Support!
Tiesto: It’s my favourite at the moment!
Cor Fijneman: Thanks again for a new release. I really like White Mouse and it would do great in my sets. Full support!!!!!!
Ernesto Vs Bastian: Cool track, will support ”White Mouse”
Ashley Wallbridge: Both tunez are great. Love them! White Mouse is very very cool,love the chords and the drive, Great work, love it. Carbine is powerfull as f**k!!! That about sums that up 🙂
Amine Edge: Yo kris! Thanks for the promo. I love ”White Mouse”, I’ll play for sure my friend. 🙂
Gianluca Motta: FULL SUPPORT! White Mouse … Absolutely catchy.
Jonas Steur: White Mouse is a catchy one. It will go in the box for on the road.
Philip Jensen: Huge track! (White Mouse)”


Ching chong


Written by Olle

januari 14, 2009 den 4:59 e m


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